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BUSINESS OFFICE (BILL PAY) is St. Clair Interactive’s application template for interactive self-service for customer account transactions. Financial institutions, utilities, telecoms, and Governments use BUSINESS OFFICE to provide customers with an interactive mechanism for bill payment and account balance interrogation.


BUSINESS OFFICE is based on a combination of St. Clair Interactive’s Application (WPF) technology and a variety of local and remote data structures enabling a direct payment via a number of mechanisms.

  • Account data retrieval
  • Customer profile retrieval
  • Transactional Option:
      a. Cash
      b. Credit, Debit or Smart Card
      c. Check

The customer provides their account detail and any security information causing the application to display the relevant account detail including account status and applicable balances.

Paying all or part of the balance will result in the application capturing payment detail and creating an audit trail. Optionally, a receipt of the transaction may be printed.