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Automated Vending

Developed in partnership with KIOSK, STOREBOT provides secure self-service delivery of multiple product categories. The automated center provides retailers with a turnkey sales and delivery tool to resolve notoriously high shrink rates associated with small but expensive items.

  1. 1. Shrink control at all sources
  2. 2. Guided Selling for clear and engaging customer transactions
  3. 3. Loyalty and Advertising for maximum platform leverage
  4. 4. Automated inventory logistics management
  5. 5. Efficient remote management and field services

The unique STOREBOT feature set resolves all of these concerns, providing maximum ROI and increased product category profitability. The modular hardware can be designed for in-line shelving, end-cap or stand-alone placements, providing scalable delivery solutions for multiple product categories and environments.

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