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Giant Supermarkets

Create your own personal shopping experience by utilizing the Giant Foods Shopping Solutions Kiosks.

Multi-Application Kiosk System: Giant's Shopping Solutions includes 30 self-service kiosk applications running on 8-25 Kiosks and large LCD digital media screens per store. The Devices interface to 14 legacy data sources, content and operations integration. These kiosks allow shoppers to complete many in-store tasks with the touch of the screen, including pre-ordering from specialty shops within the store (bakery, deli, sandwiches, prescriptions, etc.). Shoppers can also receive personalized offers and coupons based on their shopping history, reference information from their loyalty card and look up prices and locations for various products throughout the store all via special applications developed by St. Clair.

All of these applications are integrated with a common user interface using St. Clair Interactive's application templates. St. Clair's infrastructure software provides Giant's management the ability to centrally control, manage and distribute store promotions based on the time of day to the kiosks and digital media LCD screens located throughout the store. St. Clair also played a major role as an application provider by supplying products to help Giant's legacy technology systems with store ordering, customer loyalty, targeted offers and information on products, store amenities and community events.

Post deployment, Giant has seen an increase in basket size and customer satisfaction scores. Giant continues to install additional units and locations (currently over 1200 units).

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