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Smart Order Solution

Please Note: While the example provided is used for Deli / Grocery Ordering, the SMART ORDER Application Template can be deployed in any line busting type environment. Prescription Refills, Automotive Service Counters, QSR solutions are all possible under the SMART ORDER Framework.

This implementation of the SMART ORDER Solution provides the ability to place orders from any desired source, including Self-serve kiosks, Web, Smart Phone / Tablet Applications, and provides queuing mechanisms for a consistent customer experience in store.

  • Self-service ordering and guided selling kiosks present product ordering information, customer loyalty, coupons and optional payment features.
  • Mobile Ordering and Loyalty applications tied to same features as the in-store kiosks.
  • Digital Signage presents electronic menu boards, queuing and order status, as well as promotional displays.
  • Walk-up ticketing for customers who prefer traditional methods, but shouldn’t jump the queue.

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