Meeting Your Needs



St. Clair Interactive is the industry leader in designing and implementing successful kiosk networks. All of our interfaces are designed based on lessons learned from measuring millions of user sessions. Kiosk applications must be simple, concise, and easy to use.

For many clients, developing an application on an entirely custom basis is time/cost prohibitive. St. Clair Interactive takes a different approach: we’ve pre-built most of the functionality of many common kiosk applications into templates. These templates are generally elements like databases, webservices, and other supporting infrastructure that will speed development of a customer-facing application. It’s important to note that these templates have nothing to do with how the final user interface would look, only how data will be stored/transported and how certain controls (e.g. keyboards and calendars) will operate.

Because St. Clair Interactive’s applications aren’t started “from scratch”, both project costs and time to market are greatly reduced.

Application templates also exist to support devices beyond kiosks, such as customer-facing POS screens and digital signage. These other devices can be managed in exactly the same way as kiosks using Content Factory and Command & Control.