Meeting Your Needs

St. Clair Interactive's production tools make it possible to remotely monitor and manage your kiosk software.

Monitoring & Management

Simply creating an application is a good starting point, but how do you know it’s working, and doing real business tasks when no one is around to see it?

St. Clair Interactive provides comprehensive monitoring solutions without compromising network security and providing a simple to use interface.

COMMAND & CONTROL and KIOSK ADMINISTRATOR are two components of the St. Clair Interactive solution library that jointly provide an effective management solution for un-attended self-service terminals with consumables and other requirements (such as updating and usage information).

KIOSK ADMINISTRATOR locally monitors attached peripherals, as well as the application itself, and communicates (in a variety of fashions, taking into account network configuration and security requirement) to a centralized COMMAND & CONTROL, which is capable of broadcasting alerts, deploying updates, and generating reports based on the requirements configuration of a built in utility.

Jointly, the operations tools provide:

  • The ability to know immediately when a device or application state changes.
  • The ability to broadcast those alerts to appropriate parties, be it an email to a store manager, or an SMS text message to a field service agent.
  • Updating mechanisms to modify and update the application or content related to it.
  • Increased knowledge of the deployment environment, usage, and sales.
  • The ability to customize individual units, as well as being able to configure custom groups and target operations functions to those custom groups.
  • Minimized on-going operations costs

Please see the TOOLS section of this site for further detail on the two applications.