Meeting Your Needs


Let Your Customers Choose
How They Want to Buy from You!

After 30 years in self-service we have been exposed to multiple generations of technology. Each new wave of technology planned to dominate the customer experience, and make all previous solutions obsolete. In reality what's happened is each has provided additional coverage, but has not replaced existing systems, and has only increased support and operational requirements and demands.

Based on our long-standing expertise and adaptability, an increasing number of clients are approaching us to develop transactional software solutions (e.g service counters / Loyalty / targeted offers, etc) for smart phones and tablets. While these point solutions can be valuable, we often have to explain that "OmniChannel" planning is superior.

Omni-Channel allows for the deployment of applications across multiple channels, all using the same support, content and data mechanisms; and it allows for simplified deployments to additional channels, simplified support requirements, and enthusiastic customer advocates for your organization. Deploying applications to additional channels becomes simply an interface extension for existing services/transactions/content, rather than developing and supporting a full end to end solution.

St. Clair designs and develops self-service applications in retail / food service / finance, etc, with over 650 real world implementations. We can help you make sense out of today's opportunities. A single-minded focus on mobile may be popular in your organization - but it will not produce the best ROI.

Reduce your overall costs, all while increasing productivity and overall customer satisfaction.


What we see today is the love affair with mobile as it reduces complexity and lowers capital costs for hardware, etc. Unfortunately though, only a small minority of customers choose mobile. If you are in a store, lined up at a deli counter or a sandwich or pizza counter or at customer service or filling out paper for a loyalty card, mobile is likely not the most appropriate or expeditious method of providing and fulfilling the customer's needs.

What Omni-Channel means for mobile/web is that rather than creating a whole new operations group to develop, support and maintain a mobile or web environment with the same data as other channels, this can all be done from one centralized system.

Even more importantly, no matter the channel, the customer always sees consistent information, as all channels transact with one centralized database. Consistent sale prices, stock levels, product images/descriptions, etc. across web, mobile, kiosk, and POS may seem like an obvious requirement, but it is amazing how many organizations are currently struggling with these type of requests.

Key to new designs and built as part of St. Clair's SMART ORDER (as well as other application templates) should be a central repository of services and content, which all tie to customized interfaces to match client business rules and workflow/process requirements for any specific channel/device. This allows our clients to concentrate on on productive and profitable tasks rather than shuffling data and content around from channel to channel.


Deploying to multiple channels has typically meant individual content and data structures related to each channel deployment. This is the case no longer as Omni-Channel solutions make deploying to multiple device types and channels a much simpler task.

Not only does the solution improve the customer's experience by ensuring a consistent experience across all channels, it also reduces the complexity involved with the provider's on-going operations and support of multiple applications, and can also allow for side by side testing and verification of the multiple channels.

Designed so that all channel applications share a common back-end, the St. Clair Omni-Channel solutions architecture allows for organizations to have more control over their data/pricing/media that is deployed to the outside world, they can also reduce the operational requirements associated with multiple deployments.

This content can either be ingested from existing legacy databases or item repositories, or St. Clair has powerful operational tools that allow non-technical users to update, approve, deploy content, as well as gather usage and sales report. This information can be filtered by channel, by site, and by many other variables to provide powerful reports that can provide real business direction.

Rather than creating technical staffing requirements to support your solutions, these new solutions allow a non-technical user to operate, administer and report on multiple channels and devices from a singe standard internet connected device, making changes (based on access level) across all channels and systems.


There is nothing that spreads faster and further than a customer with something bad to say about an organization. We have all experienced unhappy customers who want to let the whole world know about their problem via an array of social media and other highly visible outlets. What is much more difficult to create is an advocate for your organization: a customer who takes it upon themselves to stand up and tell their colleagues and friends why they should visit your organization as well promote the use of the variety of solutions and tools that have been made available to them.

Properly implemented self-service options create these customers. Providing options on how a customer can interact with you, providing easy to use solutions, stream-lining processes and improving their experience, all go a long way towards creating customer advocates.

Working with our clients to measure average dwell times, basket size and customer satisfaction scores, we see a definite rise in all three with a properly thought out, well implemented solution with operational support.

Also, extending these services via mobile or internet channels (to all Loyalty members only or all general customers) outside the store allows for revenue generation opportunities and different application types to help grow your business and drive revenue increases.

Provide your customers with the tools they want to use, and let them become your sales force!

We'd welcome the chance to discuss how we can improve not only your customer experience when they interact with your organization, but also how we can make it easier for you to interact with them.