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Omni-Channel Solutions

Let Your Customers Choose How They Want to Buy from You! After 30 years in self-service we have been exposed to multiple generations of technology. Each new wave of technology planned to dominate the customer experience, and make all previous … Continue reading View article


SMART ORDER is an in-store ordering platform perfectly suited for grocery, pharmacy, automotive services departments, and Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR). The solution typically includes kiosks, mobile phones / tablets, and digital signage. Self-service ordering and guided selling kiosks present product … Continue reading View article

Single Software Platform / Multiple Revenue Streams

How To Maximize Benefits from Your Self-Service Software By Doug Peter, St. Clair Interactive Over the past 30 years, I have observed thousands of self-service projects. The failure rate is about 85%. It’s not that these were bad people. They … Continue reading View article

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