CATCODE is St. Clair Interactive’s application template for self-service shopping and order building. Stand-alone or combined with a number of other St. Clair developed templates, CATCODE provides a powerful self-service mechanism for price and item related elements.


CATCODE enables:

  • Merchandising and classification
  • Browse / select / order / pay functionality
  • Size / colour / variations
  • Horizontal and vertical product linkages
  • Product knowledge elements
  • Add-on sales opportunities.

Typically, all data elements reside at the ‘local’ level and are updated on a pre-scheduled basis using St. Clair Interactive’s COMMAND & CONTROL distribution mechanism.


Product Structure

The product (Item) is composed of a number of elements typically found in a price and item data set. Combined with category and sub-category structures the item is related to a hierarchy of classifications. Allowing for customization, the product is also linked to one or multiple attributes allowing for a series of uniquely associated properties.

The CATCODE structure may be linked to in-store systems or connect to a remote host or server via transactional links. All application displays (User Views) are dynamically controlled by the Object which itself is data driven. This structure allows for a targeted ‘look & feel’ and flexible integration of new visual elements and data items.