CUSTOMER SERVICE is St. Clair Interactive’s application template for self-service ‘Services’ and is designed to facilitate a complete interactive customer experience. Combined with St. Clair Interactive’s list data and media elements, CUSTOMER SERVICE provides the customer with a full suite of information related functionality.


CUSTOMER SERVICE is based on a combination of St. Clair Interactive’s object technology and a variety of local and remote data structures enabling a number of different types of informational services, such as Locator Information, Flight Arrivals and Departures, Facility Information, Directories and Rate information.

Associated Elements

The customer typically initiates the process by selecting the desired service type or category. Multiple Service types may be presented on the menu for selection.

Information may be retrieved from the Kiosk local data and media files or the application may initiate a transaction requesting remote server/web based information.

Information may be displayed according to a number of criteria and usually is displayed in summary format allowing the customer a quick overview. From here a more detailed view may be obtained.

In addition, a customer may require personal assistance in which case the application will dial an agent at the appropriate call center, connecting the customer with a content expert or customer service representative.

The CUSTOMER SERVICE template can interface (using customized transactions specific to each customer's data requirements/layout) to external data sources of many types. Measurement data including activity and usage is also reported.