BUSINESS OFFICE is St. Clair Interactive’s application template for interactive self-service for customer account transactions. Financial institutions, utilities, telecoms, and Governments use BUSINESS OFFICE to provide customers with an interactive mechanism for bill payment and account balance interrogation.

Typically connected with custom transactions to a client's backend systems, this template allows customers to easily and securely view account information, make payments, edit profiles, etc. and all payments and access is recorded and logged in a PCI compliant fashion for analysis.


CATCODE is St. Clair Interactive’s application template for self-service shopping and order building. Stand-alone or combined with a number of other St. Clair Interactive developed templates, CATCODE provides a powerful self-service mechanism for price and item related elements.

This template allows users to easily view, compare, evaluate and order product and has shown increases in customer satisfaction, average order size and basket size (depending on deployment type) when part of a properly deployed multi-application solution.


The GIFT CARD application provides both defined value cards (printed with value) and PIN based variable value cards. It can be used for any PREPAID Card purpose. Cards can be customized to include the give and recipient names. The Kiosks offer solid ROI due to increased control and reduced staff time/check out delays.

GIFT CARD is based on a combination of St. Clair Interactive’s Object technology and store remote data enabling:

  • Purchase of a Card
  • Customer Service re: Cards
  • Create a customized card
  • Purchases can be credit / debit (linked through store POS), or cards can be issued, but not enabled, allowing for payment at POS during checkout
  • No activation required at checkout. Card is created,paid for AND activated on the kiosk
  • Check value remaining
  • Optional extensions to Gift Suggestions / Catalogs


LOYALTY is St. Clair Interactive’s application template for self-service loyalty and customer offer processes.LOYALTY can incorporate a number of high ROI processes such as RAPID ENROLL, COUPON, etc. LOYALTY provides a powerful self-service mechanism for servicing the customer, increasing basket size of products and offers to that customer and improving the quality of the customer data. Delivered in 2 tiers, LOYALTY provides a CRM initiating front-end to a self-Service environment enabling:

Tier 1:
  • Sign Up
  • Look Up / update data
  • Customer Recognition
  • First-time offer segmentation
  • Rewards display / points balance
Tier 2:
  • Customer Recognition / look up
  • Rewards displays / points balance
  • Targeted offers / emails / messages
  • Links to existing CRM systems
  • Customer behavior tracking
  • Integration with a Customer database

The LOYALTY platform and data structures can be delivered through a wide variety of channels with UI elements tailored for specific brands / generations of major devices e.g. Smartphones & Tablets, etc.