The GIFT CARD application provides both defined value cards (printed with value) and PIN based variable value cards. It can be used for any PREPAID card purpose. Cards can be customized to include the purchaser and recipient names.

Users can select a custom design, customize it further, choose the value and purchase the card, at which point a card is either dispensed or printed, encoded and activated in real time so no further visit to the POS lane is required.

The kiosks offer solid ROI due to increased control, reduced inventory requirements and reduced staff time/check out delays.


GIFT CARD is based on a combination of St. Clair’s Object technology and store remote data enabling:

  • Purchase of a Gift Card
  • No activation required at checkout (card is created, paid for and activated on the kiosk).
  • Creation of a customized card
  • Remaining balance transactions
  • Users can create customized messages and choose from a variety of easily modified digital designs.