Wedding / Baby / Gift / Custom


REGISTRY is St. Clair Interactive’s application template for self-service occasion registries.
Combined with St. Clair’s Gift list data and media elements, REGISTRY provides the customer with a full suite of registry related functionality.


REGISTRY is based on a combination of St. Clair Interactive’s Object technology and a variety of local and remote data structures enabling a number of different types of registries such as Wedding, Baby and special occasions.

The elements associated with the REGISTRY Template are:

  • Enroll or create
  • Update
  • Retrieve
  • Vendor participation is an optional extension


The Registrant typically initiates the process by entering his or her personal details, the date specific to the occasion and perhaps in consultation with a store associate, desired items are placed into the registry list.
‘Wish list’ items may be placed into the registry list by scanning them within the store or selecting them from a Kiosk-based catalogue (or from home).

Retrieve & Update

The participant or shopper is able to retrieve and view the gift list on the kiosk or in hard copy. Items to be purchased against the list are done so in the store and a subsequent update to the list will occur from the POS or point of sale system.