VENDOR ADVERTISING is St. Clair Interactive’s application template for media and branding display associated with a specific vendor. Available as a standalone application or integrated into one of the many existing application templates, VENDOR ADVERTISING provides both the client and their vendors with a number of tangible benefits.


VENDOR ADVERTISING is a mechanism that provides our clients with delivery of advertising material in a context and on a schedule.

Material may be viewed/printed/transported or, as in the case of a coupon application, according to location and dates. Seasonal material may be activated on or before a specified date and will be taken out of display circulation when the expiry date has been reached.

VENDOR ADVERTISING material may be used in the application attract loop, a featured products list, or it may be linked to products which are displayed as part of a barcode scan.

The Template is designed specifically for context / time sensitive material to be shown on the kiosk. The process however, extends to a number of St. Clair Interactive tools which all play an integral part in the creation, submission and delivery process.