Command & Control is the allows users to remotely manage content on kiosks.


Command & Control (C&C) is a tool used to support operations on a distributed network of systems, typically kiosks.
Command & Control allows users to receive and forward status alerts, distribute content and software updates, and generate powerful views of usage, orders, and wellness in the form of reports. It also acts as a configuration server to facilitate the installation and maintenance of all remote devices. Typically a single instance of C&C is run on a head-office server and supports many remote units.


C&C Database – a SQL database operated by C&C to maintain an archive of wellness history, usage data and order summaries. Additionally, C&C can store the configuration for each remote device easing the setup of large numbers of units.

User Interface – browser-based pages guide users through the process of setting up automatic wellness alerts (e.g. email notifications), preparing content and software updates, and operating the powerful built-in reporting engine. The C&C UI is very granular and allows different users to have different roles as well as restricting access to only certain devices/device groups.

CCService – a .NET webservice provides an interface to the C&C database for use by KioskAdmin and other applications.

Command and Control gives users remote control over their kiosk applications.


Content Factory – C&C hosts the transport of media files to remote systems to support content updating. Also, C&C device groups are used by the Content Factory for content targeting.

KioskAdmin – C&C maintains a dialogue with each remote device through an interface with KioskAdmin. This may either be uni-directional (KA checks for updates, uploads log data, etc. to CCService) or bi-directional (C&C can additionally send instruction events to KA through its Remoting interface). The C&C / KA dialogue is responsible for the transport of wellness alerts, update notifications, usage data and order summaries and can accomplish tasks such as remotely re-configuring or rebooting kiosks.

Third Party Reporting Tools – The C&C reporting engine may be configured to automatically deliver condensed report data (typically in XML) to other reporting engines.

Software pre-requisites (Server):

  • SQL Server
  • IIS Webserver
  • .NET Framework 3.5

Software pre-requisites (Client):

  • Internet Explorer 6 (or higher)
  • Microsoft Silverlight (for report graphing)
  • Some pages require Flash or Java elements to be allowed to load.
Command & Control includes a map to view all kiosks and their current status.
Detailed reports are easy to generate and view in Command & Control.