Content Factory is the ultimate in dynamic content control.


Content Factory allows non-technical people to enter dynamic content through a simple, browser-based interface. It resides at head office, typically alongside Command & Control, and manages a master set of items intended for display by remote clients such as kiosks, digital displays, and websites.

Content entered through the user interface is comprised of data, schedules, and media files. The data is validated during entry and media files may be automatically resized into one or more formats appropriate for display. In this way the Content Factory assures that all accepted submissions are viable.

To further ensure that only desired items are seen by end-users, at least one level of approval is required before any content is distributed to remote clients.


Master Item File – a SQL database of all items, in any stage of creation, approval, or distribution. Remote devices typically download a subset of this data.

Master Media Set – a repository of all media files after processing. Again, remote devices retrieve media associated with only those items which they are instructed to display.

User Interface – browser-based pages guide users through the process of creating, editing, approving, and activating content. A generic interface is available to address the basic functionality of most application templates, or the interface may be customized to streamline the content creation process.

Content Service – a .NET webservice to abstract the master item file away from the user interface and provide a point of entry for third parties to manipulate data within the system.

St. Clair Interactive's Content Factory gives users the ability to remotely enter dynamic content.


C&C Device Groups – Content is activated on a per-group basis. These groups are created and administered in Command & Control and then immediately become available in the Content Factory.

C&C FTP – Media files are uploaded to the C&C FTP site after processing in order to be available to remote devices.

Replication Agent – This agent resides on remote devices and retrieves new content on a scheduled basis using SQL replication.

Third Party Data Source – Often the Content Factory will interact with a third party data source to retrieve extended item information. These sources can include range files, content databases, online content services, etc. The addition of the third party content may be done on a scheduled import or per-item retrieval basis.

Content Factory includes an easy to use interface.
Content Factory work with St. Clair Interactive's other tools to build a complete controled network for all self-service solutions.

Software pre-requisites (Server):

  • SQL Server
  • IIS Webserver
  • .NET Framework 3.5

Software pre-requisites (Client):

  • Internet Explorer 6 (or higher)