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User Experience

St. Clair Interactive's kiosk software is designed to be easy for the customer to use.

User Experience

St. Clair Interactive is the industry leader in designing and implementing successful kiosk networks. All of our user interfaces are designed based on lessons learned from measuring millions of user sessions. Self-Service applications must be simple, concise, and easy to use.

There Are Four Over-Riding Concepts:

1. Simplification

While motion graphics are complex and evolving, special care is taken to not overwhelm the user (who may very well be non-technical and intimidated by technology) and ensure they have a good experience using the systems. A first time user should be able to walk up to a self-service device and use it without having to ask for help. Navigation Elements, Elements per screen and other variables have been measured over millions of user sessions and we truly understand the psychology of a touch screen user.

2. Specific UI for the touch screen environment

While keeping a common set of services and data structures, we strongly believe that applications should consider their target devices and adjust the interface to match the device. A website should not be deployed to a kiosk and a kiosk application should not be deployed to a smartphone.
Rather, each device should use one common set of services and transactions, and format those results to a purpose built user interface.

3. Rapid response

Another advantage to the St. Clair Interactive platform is the speed and responsiveness. St. Clair Interactive follows a ‘mostly thick’ design where possible, meaning rich media content and navigation elements are local to the system, allowing for interaction even when a network connection is not available.

Real time transactions can be used when required, and thin client deployments are possible based on customer requirements, but an application that can respond regardless the state of its connection or peripherals, and inform the customer of activities it cannot perform at the start of a user session, rather than not responding or failing at a certain point is critical to the user acceptance and success of a self-service project.

The St. Clair Interactive platform is always evolving.
4. Publish / Measure / Evolve using the detailed measurement capabilities of the system.

The above strategies and application structures allow for intense measurement of customer activity, as well as any problem areas. This allows for not only the easy addition of extra applications and uses, but also allows for the adjustment and modifications to current applications based on customer behavior.